2PC Beard and Comb Set
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2PC Beard and Comb Set

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Well Groomed Man


Are you looking for a product that helps tame wild hairs, keep facial hair growing in the right direction, or keep its waves flowing? Our wooden brush and comb set is what's needed to keep your hair and beard well-groomed! Our Boar Bristles Brush stimulates blood flow to hair follicles, which is essential to hair growth. In addition to stimulating blood flow, the boar bristles also act as both a cleanser and moisturizing product since the bristles can get right through to your skin, gently coaxing dirt and oil away.

  • Easily smoothes & style hair
  • Clears residue & dandruff
  • Works for all beard styles

Wooden comb easily glides through beard hairs, without snagging or breaking them. They are anti-static, so they won’t cause hair to snap or get frizzy. These combs also aid: in the process of moisturizing, as the wood will absorb both your skin’s natural oils and your beard products. This will not only moisturize your beard from root to tip but will also condition the comb itself.