Braid Comb
Braid Comb
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Braid Comb

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Part Like A Pro

If you struggle with hair parting, need a tool to help easily remove rubber bands from hair, or just looking to buy a new styling tool, well this is it!

This fine tooth comb has a slanted front tooth and gap to make parting parts easy and straight. Fine teeth to help remove dirt, debris, and tangle from hair. 

For hair straightening, use the fine teeth to keep hair separated for the flat iron to easily glide over hair providing superior straightening and lessen heat damage by not having to constantly go over hair with a heating tool.

A slim long front tooth that slides between hair and rubber band making it easy to remove for hair.

Metal tail to easily access those hard-to-reach scalp areas to scratch while wearing protective styles.

Come in 2 colors Black and Pink