Ginger Beard Conditioner

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Ginger Beard Conditioner

Great for the Bearded Gentleman look to enhance facial hair softness, retain moisture to decrease breakage and increase hair growth. 

Ginger antioxidants to fade scares, promotes hair growth, evens skin tone and improve skin elasticity

Pomegranate Fruit Juice Powder antioxidants also fight skin inflimation caused by blackheads and ingrown hairs,  treat acne breakouts and even dark spots. Also known for strengthening the hair follicles and improving circulation to the scalp.

Pro Vitamin B5 has the ability to deeply moisturize and penetrate the skin and hair to prevent moisture loss.

Daikon Seed Extract is a great scalp, skin, hair and nail nourishing oil for healthy looking skin, taming wild coarse hairs and improving brittle nails.