*Loving Your Hair Kit
*Loving Your Hair Kit
*Loving Your Hair Kit
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*Loving Your Hair Kit

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This kit contains everything you need to perfect and protect your hair on your healthy hair journey. Your goal is to give your hair the TLC it needs to thrive in 30 days. Yous should notice less shedding, increase of moisture retention, growth, thickness and over all scalp and hair health.

Cleanse and Condition set to remove build up without stripping hair of it natural oil and a stimulation conditioner to reair and rubuild healthy hair strands.

Curl Amplifying Lotion to silk culr lotion to enhance curl defination and styling product to lightly hold hair

L.O.C. Kit to restore hair moisture, improve hair growth, and lock in hair moisture to prevent shedding.

Detangling brush to ease the removal or tangles and limit breakage 

Satin Cap to protect your hair at night to prevent split ends, moisture loss and keep your stlye intacked.

Glo Stick a bronzing butter bar to condition skin and highlight.