Aloe Rose Vitamin Water

Aloe Rose Vitamin Water

Aloe Rose Water is becoming very popular in the natural hair community due to its natural healing and soothing properties in maintaining healthy hair, a excellent source for moisture and restoring hair pH balance that helps reduce breakage.

Aloe vera as it is similar in chemical makeup to Keratin, which is the primary protein of the hair, helping to promote elasticity and prevent breakage. Proteolytic enzymes are a special component of aloe vera and are an excellent way to slough dead skin on your scalp and prevent dandruff.

Rose water helps soothe irritated scalps, restoring your hair’s pH and injecting moisture. It also smells wonderful so is good to be used as a refreshing mist throughout the day.


Alkaline water can boost blood circulation – which, in turn, can enhance hair health and promote growth. I know, I know, I Know! Alkaline water has a high pH that will may cause hair to have fly away's/hair static but with the conditioning properties having positively charged polymers (cations) will quench those negative charges.  The deposit on the hair will provide lubrication to the hair fibers causing them to lay and give a natural lust. 



Go ahead and give it a try as once this product sells out it will not be restock. 

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Is aloe rise water out?

Kathy Lee

I will really need that rosewater back in stock


I will really need that rosewater back in stock


The Aloe Rose water and Mango scalp butter is a great combo my locs love it

Nikita Cunningham



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