About us

Welcome to Hair of Nature, the ultimate solution for your hair care needs! Our restorative hair care system is designed to reverse hair loss and improve hair health, all while making it easier to maintain your natural hair. Using only the finest, all-natural botanical ingredients, our products are formulated to nourish and rejuvenate your hair for a healthy, vibrant look. Whether you're dealing with hair loss, breakage, or simply want to maintain your natural hair, Hair of Nature has got you covered. Trust us to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy hair you've always wanted!

Hair of Nature was born from the frustration of trying to find natural restorative hair products that worked for any curl type. Danyelle, our founder, faced the challenge of restoring her and her daughter's hair but found limited options, some of which were too harsh for her infant daughter's delicate scalp.

Through extensive research, Danyelle discovered that the key to reversing hair loss and achieving healthier hair was hidden in her own kitchen cabinet. With a passion for natural ingredients, she began experimenting and creating hair care products that not only revitalized their hair but also enhanced moisture retention and defined their unique curl textures.  We have serviced over 7000 customers in the USA, India, United Kingdom, and Canada. We have been featured on www.cosmopolitan.com, Voyage Houston, products retail in three local salons in Texas, one black-owned beauty supply, worked with some amazing influencers, and now we want to be a part of your healthy hair journey.

Founded in 2013, our journey began with a simple mission – to create effective hair care products for restoring hair loss for curly textured hair. As the demand for our products grew, so did our customer base, evolving from serving those who looked like us to catering to textured curls of all ethnic backgrounds.

At Hair of Nature, our goal is clear: to provide you with natural hair care products that restore hair, promote scalp health, and nourish your locks with beneficial nutrients.