Transforming Hair One Strand at a Time

Hair of Nature offers high-quality products specifically designed for textured hair. Our natural ingredient formula replenishes hair moisture and stimulates growth, resulting in healthier, more manageable hair. Our signature SheaMango Scalp Butter is an ultra-conditioning formula penetrating from root to tip, highlighting aloe vera and tea tree oil. This enriched butter base reduces hair shedding and uses botanical oils for growth.

  • Goal

    Hair of Nature's goal is to revitalize your hair using high-quality ingredients and restore it to its healthiest state.

  • Purpose

    At Hair of Nature, we aim to educate you on the advantages of using natural ingredients to promote and maintain a healthy scalp.  We are adamant about only using skin-worthy ingredients.

  • Mission

    Hair of Nature's mission is to reach one million customers. We believe that natural hair products should not be limited to just one demographic. Everyone needs a healthy hair solution to resolve their unique hair issues.