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Danyelle Templeton

Welcome to my blog post where I'll be updating information about changes and new products dropping.

May 2019 I successfully raise $10K to help me expand my business. Thank you to everyone who donated and prayed for me. That was a journey and I am elated that you all believe in me and my products! 

With the money I was able to buy bulk supplies, a automatic filling machine and begin the re-banding process for Hair of Nature. Currently, I have a new logo and 6 new label designs for the top 3 selling products. I also was able to start a new Pro Professional Line that will begin with 4 new sleek professionally designed products and I can not wait to unveil them!

With the new rebanding I have changed the name of the products and revamped the formula to give your hair and scalp as much TLC needed to help you reach your hair goals.

July/August ill be having our yearly back to school sale so get ready!

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